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An Illusionary Emotion

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 3 comments

Sometimes, persons assume to be loved and blessed by someone. There were a lot of times that we may feel to have illusions on something that is wrongly felt. Just like a love that we believe that we ever had, but the truth is, there is no love from the start.

People try being more ambitious and wanted to achieve greatness. They never try to think of how impossible dreams would be. And yet, when they realize it, they already failed. But failing is not the basis. It is because when we dream higher, we fall much deeper.

The reality can be mean and we are living in this cruel and unstopping world. We feel pushed down and bullied by the natures of the earth. When we know that we fail, we never accepted it. Instead, we try to counter what fate really wants. And when we realize that illusionary emotions exist, that is when we try to quit and exit.

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Bridging The Gap

Sunday, July 6, 2008 1 comments

Sometimes, we tend to believe what is myth. We try to convince ourselves of those impossible dreams, that we may fly to success and express our freedom of speech. But yet, we forget where we started and we became foolish and stubborn. When we grab and grasp our goals, when we embrace our success, we forget anyone, even our selves and we focus on what is ahead of us. And yet, we run from our failures and even criticize and judge other’s weaknesses. Let’s face what is in front of us and let’s not forget where we came from, because in life, bridging the gap is all that matters.

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A Tough Judgment

Saturday, June 28, 2008 1 comments

A very intriguing and a devastating event will be this June 29, 2008. To all Professional Boxing fanatics, this is what you have been waiting for. A cruel and perfect match to test each others strength and strategy with every inch of it. Testing every instinct and showing who's the boss!

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, a Filipino citizen, born at General Santos City. A phenomenal champion and proved his existence in boxing. One of the most powerful and explosive boxer of his time. A living legend I guess will measure his toughness in this lethal combination with Diaz(forgive me for forgetting the name), a hard fighter who also defeated Erik Morales. This will be a blast with these two brave fighters!

Watch it out!

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Hard Days End


Pheeew!! It's been a long time since I've accessed my account. Oh well, it's because I got no connection and I got myself tied up with my work at school and in the community. What a busy guy I am. I also got very attached on my problem within my notebook computer since I got no office installed on it. That's why I need to idle myself and wait for a long time. And thanks for this OpenOffice! It made this possible and I really am thankful.

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My Poem: An Untiring Heart

Sunday, April 20, 2008 1 comments

People can be fool, persons maybe unjust

Time can also be unfriendly and run fast

But the one we shared would never pass

A Love that burns will always last

At times when we tend to stop

When we drown into problems and try to give up

We have each shoulders to count and lean on

Helping us to stand and give us a sense of memoir

We begin to hate, to fight and even regret

But our love, the love we shared, we can’t forget

For all those times, we become strong

We have been together, we become one

I give you my gratitude and my love

The one that we will cherish and we’ll always have

Promise me we’ll never be apart

That we will have an untiring heart.

Hope you’ll like it. I just thought of this a moment before posting this.

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Screen all donation sources: From Bishop To Cfc


A religious group known across the seas which is called CFC (Couples of Christ) has extended their hands to the poor and helped those who suffer in starvation and sickness. In Philippines, a controversy began to explode about any donation leakage or should I say something that is not meant to be donation that made the community in its weakest hour. But, the community has stood up its ground and continued its part in the community. This community have made Philippines less poor through extending their excess blessings to those who haven’t. Through GK(Gawad Kalinga) Project, they build homes for the poor and homeless.

Though they still continue to serve, the controversy doesn’t die. Thus, a Bishop from the Philippines urged the CFC to monitor the donations in order to have an accurate number of money they are holding and to keep the family away from the issue of corruption. In order to do this, the Bishop suggested to screen the companies that wanted to help in all the programs of the said community.

Today, the CFC continues to extend help to those people in need and never tired of helping them. CFC is at its full service, for God, and for the same species.

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Texting While Driving: It Can Be Addictive


It’s funny though to think that texting and driving at the same time can be possible. There are lots of people doing it especially those who are busy at work. We have been in this lifestyle for quite long now and to think that we are really good at it. We have witnessed and tried on handling these cases and managed to get along with it.

But don’t you know that it could turn to be your daily routine when you drive? In other words, it could turn to be a hobby while driving and it could be fatal. Knowing that driving is a risk, whenever we go to the road, we know anything could happen and that we should be careful in driving. Adding your texting habit while driving could be much worse. And it could turn you into an accident more possible.

So, with this, I hope we try to control texting while driving. Take note that not all times we can be safe in the road. Even those people who knows and careful in driving can be in an accident with just a glimpse of an eye away from the road. Keep yourself safe especially when you have your loved one on board.

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